Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Allen!

Oh my goodness, so much has happened since September! Chad and I were finally married in the Denver, Colorado temple on December 28, 2010! WAHOO! We did it! It was such a spiritual experience that I will never forget. I feel so blessed to have such a great support of family and friends! Our wedding day was the most perfect day and I couldn't ask for more (well...except to be able to eat more of our reception food of course). One of the best parts was the fact that all my closest friends from elementary school and beyond were able to be apart of that special day. Two of them had just gotten off there missions on November 30th and December 10th! The BEST part of that day was the fact that I was sealed to my best friend and will spend time and all eternity with him! Chad has always been there for me throughout the years and a year ago from now, we would have never guessed that day would come. We have been through a lot, especially Chad, but it has all happened for a reason and in the Lord's time. We are so thankful for a loving Father in Heaven that answered our personal prayers in times of darkness and been the light to guide us towards Him. Thank you to EVERYONE that have helped us along the way :)

I am officially Mrs. Tehra Lee Allen and we have moved back to Rexburg where Chad is attending BYU-I for Computer Information technology. I am currently in search of a full-time job and hopefully I will get some answers by the end of the week! We have settled into our cute little apartment just down the road from the temple and we've enjoyed every (well almost every) moment of it besides the below zero wind blowing cloudy weather! I definitely forgot how cold it gets here in the winter! So all I have been telling myself lately is, "we are here for a reason" and "things will work out." I just need to stay positive and keep on living life!