Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pieces of the Puzzle

So many things have happened since my last post! First of all, Chad and I are now living in beautiful Colorado! I forgot how much I missed the mountains and the weather here, especially coming from Texas. Chad found out he was able to transfer to the Lowes in Castle Rock only a day before I planned to drive back home. Phew! Also, Chad got accepted into BYU-I on the Fall/Winter we are headed to good ole Rexburg land of the potatoes in January after we get married! I am really excited for Chad, and I think it will be a great experience for us to start our new life there although I have a feeling it is going to be really difficult to find a design related job. We will see what happens I guess. As for Chad, he will be going to school full-time and working part-time at Lowes in Idaho Falls, ha ha we are going to be so poor :) As of now things are finally coming together with the wedding plans! I have the photographer lined up, the temple scheduled, engagement photos taken, and most importantly I found a dress! I was so lucky to have found one here in Colorado, it is perfect. I still have a lot to plan, but at least the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together...and by the way, only 3 months and 3 days!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wedding Ideas Continued...

Here are some inspiration photos for my reception. This first picture is a centerpiece including a square clear vase with flowers and round ornament bulbs surround by small candles. To incorporate my colors, I was thinking of doing brown and blue bulbs, white roses, and a brown or cream table cloth beneath. I think it will be the perfect! This other picture is of how I would like the ceiling to be decorated. The lights on the rafters mixed with the modern cream colored paper lamps is great! I'm excited to see what we actually be able to do!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding Ideas

So I know I haven't posted in a while, but I thought I would post about my ideas for the wedding and give you a sneak peek at what I've been working on the past couple months in the next few posts.

First of all, the colors I have chosen are mocha brown, a muted blue/green, and cream. This sample bridal shower invitation and this simple yet modern cake were my inspiration for the colors.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

the date is set

The date is finally set for December 28th, 2010! I know this picture is exactly what you are thinking. Initially it would have been nice to get married in the Fall, but two of my best friends, Janelle & AdriAnne, are getting back from their missions in November and December and I know they would kill me if I got married only a couple months before they got back. . . haha. . . I can see it now, not a pretty picture. Things will be great, all of my closest friends will be there and it will be such a memorable reunion to share with one another! I'm SOOOOO excited to start the wedding plans and even more excited to plan with my mom and sisters when I get back to Colorado. As for now, there will be many phone calls and emails of ideas and inspiration. Why can't this (wedding planning) be my full-time job? . . . wouldn't that be nice!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

what a surprise

I had no idea this was coming, but i'm sure glad it did! It was absolutely perfect . . . earlier this week Chad asked me if I wanted to go on a picnic Saturday since we both had the day off work and of course I said "sure!" and thought nothing of it. Saturday morning came along, we ended up playing disc golf at Wellington lake and while Chad went to the grocery store to get "picnic goodies," I stayed at home and looked online for a car. 6:00 came and we started getting our picnic packed and headed out the door to Grapevine lake. We parked the car and walked to an isolated peninsula right on the lake front. I was in charge of the blanket, so I laid it down while Chad got the food out and ready to eat. It was delicious! Chad made a beautiful fruit salad and chicken salad, mmm mmm. Once again, I had no idea what was coming next. Once we finished the meal, Chad said he got a special dessert. He handed me a paper bag and pulled out a giant fortune cookie, I broke it in half and saw a piece of paper and a something wrapped up in pink tissue paper.... I thought nothing of it. I opened the piece of paper and it read "A life without you is no life at all, will you be mine forever?".... once I read it, I felt the pink tissue paper and recognized the shape of a ring!!! I was screaming and jumping up and down like an annoying 12-year-old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert (seriously, ask Chad). I fell to the ground, still in awe of what was actually happening. Chad laughed and said, "you're suppose to stand up." As I stood up, Chad got on one knee and asked me to marry him...and of course I said YES!!! It was a beautiful moment that I will never forget and I am so grateful to have shared it with my best friend. Love you Chad, you are amazing . . . you done good :)